Photo of cover of book, Astral Projection Made Easy

Astral Projection Made Easy

$24.95. Manual by E.J. Gold ... More info

Photo of Astral Projection amulet

Astral Projection Amulet

$250. Sterling Silver real-rope, hand-braided bezel ... More info

collage of some Astral Projection Kit elements

Astral Projection Kit

$350. Booster headset, manual, target cards, incense, essential oil ... More info

Photo of Astral Projection Booster Headset

Astral Projection Booster Headset

$225. Booster headset, manual, target cards, incense, essential oil ... More info

Photo of Astral Projection Target Cards

Astral Projection Target Cards

$75. Using targets makes your job easier ... More info

photo of Astral Projection Essential Oil

Astral Projection Essential Oil

$49. Exquisite blend, personal pulse points ... More info

photo of Astral Projection Incense

Astral Projection Incense

$15. Atmosphere for your journey ... More info

photo of cover of Parallel Worlds Explored

Parallel Worlds Explored

$34.95 By E.J. Gold .... More info

photo of Astral Travel Safari Hat

Astral Travel Safari Hat

$225 / $125 CQR Astral travel natural fiber hat .... More info


What People are Saying ...

"The first thing you want to do when you start waking up is to get out of the body." -- E. J. Gold

"E.J. Gold has pierced the secret veil of the inner-dimensional planes." -- Y.G., Montreal

"Thank you for this opportunity. It's working for me." -- B.R.T., Kansas City, KS

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"The last time I remember doing that was putting my etheric body in my grandfather's body and I could feel his muscles and I could feel his actions and movements. And I hadn't thought about that in many years, but wearing this headband brought that back and working with E.J. right now, having him guide me through the process of this astral or etheric projection technique, it really brought that back. I could feel the etheric body and I felt it move -- that excites me a lot. The way I intend to work with this is to be able to not only have presence and attention in this body while I work for Koyote, but in all seven bodies. Hopefully I can be of greater service to him and his work. And maybe even to E.J. and the work itself." -- G.B., Santa Ana, CA

"I like this. I have taken a lot of astral projection -- out of body -- courses and this is the best one. E.J. Gold has made these headbands and it seems to be easier to do this with these on. They are very, very strong. And with these aids, and the amulets, too, it just seems that instead of just imagining it, I can do it." -- B.T., Grass Valley, CA

"I have been after out-of-body experiences for a long time and been to classes. I have come close a few times to leaving my body trying different things and different exercises. But I like this way because it feels as if it is starting at the beginning, and that step by step, it is something that I can do. This is a way that is going to work for me." -- J.T., Grass Valley, CA

"I haven't done any of this before. I heard of astral projection, but I never thought much about what it might be and I certainly never thought about trying it. But I did read The Seven Bodies of Man twenty years ago, and like E.J. said, it's a lot of work. This weekend, listening to him talking about driving the organic body with the etheric body, etcetera, you know, one body to the next, it made sense to me." -- S.D., Dublin

"Well, as soon as I put headband on my head I felt a strong energy surge go through my body, especially in my legs, feet, arms and hands. I got a little light headed (some kind of expansive feeling). When I walked around I really felt my feet on the floor and how my body was moving. I felt bigger. When I looked at the Target Symbol I noticed that I coud really see the Target Symbol in a different way. It came to life and seemed to be looking back at me. The colors were so much more vibrant and the image felt sentient. Then I closed my eyes and and could still see the Target Symbol and almost before I knew it I had performed the exercise successfully. I couldn't believe it. The movement was quick and very smooth. It felt more like a glide than a walk. This is very different from anything I had ever come across before." -- M.F., Montreal

"What happened the second I put this headband on ... it was like, Wow! Everything woke up, everything was there, and I had this permanent smile on my face like this one I have right now." -- RJ, Santa Monica, CA

"I have to say that having had the headband before the rest of the group, I definitely took great notice when they placed them all on. It felt a lot like a link; it was like we became one body, which was fascinating. In a sense, the tools that have been created and provided by E.J. feel like a lightning bolt of great opportunity. Thank you." -- L.S., San Mateo, CA

"When they were doing the projection method, then getting out of their bodies, this feeling that you can feel them, too, when they would come back, it's like you feel it. That's how I felt. I felt them and knew when they would come back .... It feels very free, very light. After I started wearing this headband and just being here, I can feel my senses, before it even hit me sometimes. Before something touches me, I feel it. And very clear, very transparent and light. I am very grateful to have this opportunity. Thank you." -- M.M., Penn Valley, CA

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What Secrets Did the Ancients Possess???

The primary secrets were invisibility, levitation, teleportation, hypnosis, shape-shifting, astral projection and telepathy. All of those ancient secrets are available today.

How do you obtain these secrets?

Certainly not by reading a book or attending a lecture. These secrets are only conveyed in one way -- by Initiation.

How does Initiation work?

Initiation conveys the entire secret all at one moment.

How does one get initiated?

Largely by luck and persistence. Initiation does not always "take". It may require several tries for each Initiation. There are a total of 10 Deep Initiations, all of which can be attained through the use of my Akashic Initiation CDs under the proper conditions.

What are the proper conditions?

A good spirit, healthy goals and a higher purpose are good starting points, after which, it's mostly luck and timing.

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What People are Saying ...

"I was just listening to EJ's 6th CD of the Akashic Records.I had a strong visual image of trees lining a road up to what seemed to be Fountainebleu where Gurdjieff had his Institute. I saw a large group of people practicing the movements (it was in black and white rather than color) and then a stage in a theater and a very dramatic looking woman with black hair like a flapper.

The image of the tree-lined driveway reminded of a similar vision I had when I was a young child. I was playing alone with a dollhouse in a small sunday school room, when I saw the vision. Didn't seem to have any emotional context but obviously it registered in someway since I've never forgotten it. -- T.M., Honesville, PA