About Brane-Power Technology

This combination of radiowave technology, beat-frequency oscillation, harmonic resonance, waveform reduction and electronic biofeedback of the salt-water electrolytic biocomputer (commonly referred to as the "human being") is the registered invention of E.J. Gold, early biofeedback pioneer and author of the 1964 classic, "Alternate Worlds Beyond the Galaxy".

The SuperBeacon™ is more than a Beacon™, more than a Zone Box™, more than a Cleanser/Charger, more than a Ghost Hunter, more than a dowser, more than a Spirit Radio and includes all of these.

Use the SuperBeacon™ for your Parallel Universe Personae Integrations. Use it for your Zone Box™ Inductions. Put it by your bedside.

The Black Tourmalines make for an incredible Cleanser/Charger effect.

Pocket Super Charger Cleanser Amulet Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ in Sterling Silver bezel

Pocket Super Charger Cleanser Amulet

Price: $375

Pocket Super Charger Cleanser Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulet, set in Sterling Silver Dollar-sized bezel.

Used by healers, or generally, to cleanse energetic debris and to charge up, especially after touching someone or doing enery work. Hold it between your hands.

What People are Saying ...

"An unusual co-incidence. My daughter & I just got our Beta Blocker amulets and she had worn hers to bed. We were at the library the next day and I saw that she had picked out a book, and was halfway through reading it, before I noticed the name of the book was 'Amulet'! This was the first book she had read cover to cover, without putting it away after the first few pages!" -- Meredith L., Mililani, HI

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