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Beta Blocker Experiments

Beta-Blocker Spirit Radio Test Run #1

The Spirit Radio works without any external electricity, using the power of the resonating antenna/ground relationship and a few simple crystal radio parts to generate an audio signal.

Of course, throwing danger to the wind and risking all, I had to modify the Spirit Radio to see what it could do. I hooked it up to the iMac computer sound-in port, and to an external 25' antenna.

Spirit Radio Woodpecker Detector

Mr. Fixit demonstrates the sensitivity of the Beta Blocker to emf (electro-magnet fields)>

To do this he shows the ability of hte Beta Blocker to detect harmonics given off by a standard wireless router.

Spirit Radio With Heart

The Spirit Radio gets a heart in this operation. With Mrfixitrick as radio surgeon, a homopolar heart motor gets grafted onto the top of the radio box, and set into motion.

The heart motor provides a steady audio sound at about the 1 hz range( 60 bets per minute) that sounds much like the thumping human heart.

Spirit Radio Microphone

The Spirit Radio I've been experimenting with, can surprisingly be used as a crude microphone and can even record audio sounds! Here I show how this can be done by simply attaching a magnet to the outside of the radio box.

Spirit Radio With LSD (Light Sensitive Diode)

Normally, the Beta Blocker comes pre-adjusted and tuned, and is silent. Of course, being who I am, I fail to heed warnings and had to have a peek under the hood to see what makes this baby run. And to max it out in my own way.

One thing I discovered, once I had hooked it up to the sound port of my iMac, was that the "innards" of the Spirit Radio box were light-sensitive when I cranked up the gain really high. It was apparently the diode responding to the light, and that is the subject of this video adventure with the Spirit Radio.

Beta Blocker Spirit Radio Sensing A Computer Screen

This time, the Beta Blocker is placed in front of an iMac computer screen, then a window is moved around on the screen. The un-powered Spirit Radio is apparently affected by movements of windows on the computer screen, and it can easily discriminate between the light and dark moving areas. Very bizarre!

Human Conductor Plays Beta Blocker Radio

Mrfixitrick is a human conductor between the Beta Blocker Radio and the iMac computer screen, in yet another strange little electronic adventure with the versatile Beta Blocker Spirit Radio from EJ Gold.

Beta Blocker Crystal Radio Learns Colours

In this episode of the Beta Blocker Radio experiments, I discover that the BB radio can discern colors and movement on my iMac screen!