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Spirit Radio With LSD (Light Sensitive Diode)

EJ Gold's Beta Blocker Spirit Radio is a very simple crystal radio type circuit that is finely tuned through resonance and the reductive nature of compound waves.

It is designed to block beta brain wave frequencies, and thereby enhance access to the artistic and intuitive lower frequency brain waves. The fact that it looks cool doesn't hurt either.

Normally, the Beta Blocker comes pre-adjusted and tuned, and is silent. Of course, being who I am, I fail to heed warnings and had to have a peek under the hood to see what makes this baby run. And to max it out in my own way.

One thing I discovered, once I had hooked it up to the sound port of my iMac, was that the "innards" of the Spirit Radio box were light-sensitive when I cranked up the gain really high. It was apparently the diode responding to the light, and that is the subject of this video adventure with the Spirit Radio.