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Human Conductor Plays Beta Blocker Radio

Mrfixitrick is a human conductor between the Beta Blocker Radio and the iMac computer screen, in yet another strange little electronic adventure with the versatile Beta Blocker Spirit Radio from EJ Gold.

What is the strange phenomenon that we see in this video? (and, no, I'm not talking about me beating on the screen of my iMac...;)

Is the effect from a RF(Radio Frequency) field? Or electrostatic? Perhaps magnetic?

I'd like to see comments from those who know about this...or think they do!

All of this is beside the original purpose of the Beta Blocker, which is to act as a tool for meditation!

"The Beta Blocker is a new creative use of the early pioneer crystal radio technology. It derives its power from the radio waves themselves and needs no battery or electrical hookup to operate. The Beta Blocker is a highly modified (hacked) working crystal radio."

"Beta Blockers use radio waves in nulled beat-frequency oscillation to produce a reduction wave at the harmonic frequency best suited for deep meditation, called the "Shumann Harmonic" at 7.8 Hz. without training or effort." - EJ Gold