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Beta Blocker Crystal Radio Learns Colours

In this episode of the Beta Blocker Radio experiments, I discover that the BB radio can discern colors and movement on my iMac screen!

Huh?? A crystal radio reading my computer screen?? What's up wit dat?

A little spooky...but I'm sure someone out there will have a nice rational explanation.

The Beta Blocker Spirit Radio from EJ Gold is a simple but powerful piece of gear. It normally is used as an aid for meditation or psychic-intuitive states that require the use of alpha and theta brain waves. It comes without provision for sound output as it is designed to do its work silently.

I've tapped into the Beta Blocker radio circuit with an audio-out cord that goes straight to my computer sound-in port. That's when the fun began...

I hack and mod the poor Beta Blocker mercilessly to try to make it give up its secrets. It's been drilled, soldered, smudged, burnt, dropped and bent, but its been a good sport so far.

Still seems to be working as a Beta blocker, too...hehe!