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This combination of radiowave technology, beat-frequency oscillation, harmonic resonance, waveform reduction and electronic biofeedback of the salt-water electrolytic biocomputer (commonly referred to as the "human being") is the registered invention of E.J. Gold, early biofeedback pioneer and author of the 1964 classic, "Alternate Worlds Beyond the Galaxy".

The SuperBeacon™ is more than a Beacon™, more than a Zone Box™, more than a Cleanser/Charger, more than a Ghost Hunter, more than a dowser, more than a Spirit Radio and includes all of these.

Use the SuperBeacon™ for your Parallel Universe Personae Integrations. Use it for your Zone Box™ Inductions. Put it by your bedside.

The Black Tourmalines make for an incredible Cleanser/Charger effect.

Vortex Healer Helper Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Device

Vortex Healer's Helper

Price: $375

The Healer's Helper Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ set.

This Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Device is tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.

E.J. Gold's CQR - Crystal Quantum Radios™ use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

GUARANTEE: All products are manufactured with a Full Money Back Guarantee. For full warranty information, see Legal Stuff.

What People are Saying ...

"My friend was visiting and I checked in with him on his health. He'd been having issues with digestive health and nourishment for a long time, years in fact. I asked him to hold the healer helpers, on in each hand as we sat on the floor facing each other. In my vision of his pixilated subtle body appeared a black area around his stomach. I told him what I saw and asked if he wanted to work with it. Yes he did, he replied. I began to push the energy out, continuing until no black remained. His body jolted and twitched as it was occurring. At that point I saw him in the kitchen at three years old with his mother having a not so nurturing interaction. When I gave him this information, the vision changed again and what became clear was that it was an ancestral issue four generations back carried through the DNA chain of the vessel he was subject to. The healer helper made the access and work take place in mere minutes. He could take it from there.

"As a physical therapist specializing in Biodynamic Cranial work and Neurofascial Release my work entails intensely focused concentration on subtle perception of the patient's organism. The challenge is treating one hour per patient for up to ten patients per day, day after day. I am extremely pleased to report that with the healer helper set in my pockets throughout the day, the tenth patient receives the same quality of attentive treatment as the first." -- Eric B., physical therapist

"In using my beta blocker I found that I had more clarity and receptivity. In other words, I am open to receiving messages from the soul and spirit guides." -- Maralee N., Portland

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