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Beta Blocker Spirit Radio Sensing A Computer Screen

Yet another wild little electronic adventure with Mrfixitrick and the Beta Blocker Spirit Radio!

This time, the Beta Blocker is placed in front of an iMac computer screen, then a window is moved around on the screen. The un-powered Spirit Radio is apparently affected by movements of windows on the computer screen, and it can easily discriminate between the light and dark moving areas. Very bizarre!

The Beta Blocker Radio is not usually used in this manner. It is designed to act as a Beta brain-wave blocker, for better reception of Alpha, Theta and Delta brain-waves.

The Beta Blocker comes finely tuned by it's creator, EJ Gold, who utilizes the reductive nature of compound waves and employs resonance, induction and phase factor to the max.

The Spirit Radio normally works silently and does not come equipped for sound output.

In my tradition of using any nearby fine instrument as a hammer, I have soldered in an audio-out cable and attached a capacitor adjusting knob to the unit. This has surely thrown the Beta Blocker tuning for a loop (though it still seems to work fine, hehe), but it makes for a priceless bunch of fun and learning!

Who knows what's next...perhaps it functions as a scanner/copier/fax??