About Brane-Power Technology

This combination of radiowave technology, beat-frequency oscillation, harmonic resonance, waveform reduction and electronic biofeedback of the salt-water electrolytic biocomputer (commonly referred to as the "human being") is the registered invention of E.J. Gold, early biofeedback pioneer and author of the 1964 classic, "Alternate Worlds Beyond the Galaxy".

The SuperBeacon™ is more than a Beacon™, more than a Zone Box™, more than a Cleanser/Charger, more than a Ghost Hunter, more than a dowser, more than a Spirit Radio and includes all of these.

Use the SuperBeacon™ for your Parallel Universe Personae Integrations. Use it for your Zone Box™ Inductions. Put it by your bedside.

The Black Tourmalines make for an incredible Cleanser/Charger effect.

Crystal Quantum Spirit Radio

AMULETS from Yoyodyne


Amazap Protector

Astral Projection

Beauty Inner Radiance

Black Diode


Bodhisattva In Training

Double Black

El Brujo

Circle of Peace

The Classic

Dimensional Shifter

DNA Activator

Fertility Amulet

Fibonacci Obsidian

French Drop Amulet

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter Deluxe


Harmony Balance

Healing Waters

Lemuria Amulet

Labyrinth Readers

Lords Prayer

Love Power

Master Builder

Pineal Pinger


Pocket Protector


Psycho Jammer

Quantum Coil

Quantum Spider

Quantum Tesla

Quantum Witch

Quantum Wizard

Remote Reading

Royal Flush



Smart Pill


Tantric Star

Tara Earth Goddess

Touch of Grey Alien


True North

Twin Turbo

UFO Firewall

UFO Port