What is a Beta Blocker?

... in 25 words or less ...

Asking a few random folks to give us their impressions of what a betablocker is.

Here's their responses:

"The Beta Blocker works, and it comes with a guarantee that its effects will benefit both your life, and the lives of those around you"

-- Rick Crammond, British Columbia

"A radio type device that helps you to shift into alpha and theta states for creativity, meditation, and awareness."

-- Sheila C., Riverside

"By intentionally using the amulets/beacon devices, you will receive spiritual input inexplicably; you will be transformed into a fuller version of your higher self."

-- Kathleen Dreier,Tucson, AZ

"Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radios™ will help you tap into your creativity, your natural intuition and access your own parallel worlds."

-- Brane-Power® Founder, E.J. Gold