Prosperity Meditation CD

The Prosperity Path

Guided Meditation by E.J. Gold

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Brane-Power® Founder E.J. Gold, bio-feedback pioneer and crystal radio enthusiast, takes you on a guided meditation to assist you in relaxing to awareness of your own ability to experience and embrace abundance.

From E.J. Gold

If you are using my Prosperity CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet, you might want to kick it up a notch or two with my newest release, the Prosperity Path Induction, which is intended to be used when wearing the Prosperity Amulet.

It's just a few minutes a day and it will certainly bring you closer to a prosperity track. A track is the path your essential self makes as it works its way through the space-time Continuums which form your "life" as you travel from brane to brane.

How this works is that as you voyage from Parallel World to Parallel World, you are gently guided by the induction/meditation into a track that yeilds higher levels of Prosperity and Well-Being. Although you are guided by my voice, YOU make all the decisions, YOU do all the work to select the Right Action Pathways! The Beta-Block allows you to concentrate on your pathways rather than on control of the biological machine and its continual mental chatter.

Following and consciously selecting each "choice point" along your Essential Self Life-Track, you weave a path through Parallel World after Parallel World, switching and shifting between realities from hour to hour and from day to day, just as you have always done, but with this induction affirmation procedure, it becomes a conscious path.

With the help of the guided induction/meditation, you deliberately and with full intention work yourself toward a path which is your best possible Prosperity Pathway through Space and Time.

In addition, I've added a few extra touches, to give you the opportunity to refresh and revitalize and re-energize yourself as you perform the active Prosperity Affirmation Meditation. I use a technique that was taught to be by my friend Orm McGill, the Dean of American Hypnotists, who helped me to develop and perfect my induction meditations and with whom I performed at Ross Relles in 1982 at our Annual Labor Day Convention.

Throughout the induction, YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL. You remain fully and completely aware and awake even though the body and beta mind are in deep reverie.

The space changes are totally safe and YOU control the entire experience, guided gently into the spaces necessary for the Prosperity Affirmation to help you gain the Spirit Power that brings you into the Prosperity Pathways.

Let this new technology open the gateway for you into the ancient science of Soul Travel, as you make a path for yourself into higher levels of awareness, waking state and prosperity.

Remember that you cannot get what you cannot give -- part of prosperity is your own generosity, kindness, courtesy, consideration, forgiveness, hospitality, and a sense of deep and abiding caring.

These Essential Self Tendencies are very important for your Spiritual Development as you work your way toward a Parallel World where you have the actual ability to help others less fortunate than yourself. The Prosperity Path will give you the ability to exercise these gentle habits of the Spirit.

Send for your Prosperity Path Affirmation Induction today -- you'll soon be on the Prosperity Path!


"My prosperity amulet arrived this afternoon. I put it on and ... got a call telling me that my father's estate has a check for me in the amount of $150,000!" -- S.C., Riverside, CA

"The prosperity amulet is working in profound ways. I had been working night and day to come up with sufficient funds to prevent losing my home of 28 years . . . . I called today to find out how short I was going to be, and it turns out that the school tax had somehow been paid. I have no record of that. Now I can fully pay the property tax, and my home has been spared from tax sale. Thanks!" -- B.L.M., Honesdale, PA

"I secured 2 contracts that had been in limbo and got 3 new assignments -- all in one day -- after I started to wear my Prosperity Amulet." -- R.C., Nelson, BC

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