Love Power Generator

The Melting Heart Love Generator

Price: $225

Open yourself to greater Love in your life with this mystical yin/yang heart. Named The Melting Heart Love Generator by EJ Gold as its presence in your space can bring about the magical essence of 2 hearts melting together ~ Love comes in all shapes and sizes, relationship love, love of our families and friends, love of our pets, gardens, neighbors, nature, the cosmos and beyond...whatever type of Love you wish to grow, this Melting Heart Generator will help & guide you in the process. Open your Heart, Open your Life.

This generator is surrounded by 14 magic eyes of protection and is powered by Pyrite and a number of other spirit tech components.

Experience the melting and deep relaxation of your Heart with this sacred generator.

"One big heart is worth a thousand big brains." -- ej gold

Main "Magical" Components

  • - Pyrite
  • - Mini Copper Coils