Operating an activated Atlantean Machine is simple, easy and easily mastered.

Atlantean Machines Are Here!!!

Cadiz in south-eastern Spain was once a small resort town near the capital city of Atlantis. Sometime in the ancient past, a tsunami destroyed everything in its path for sixty miles or more inland from the coast, leaving the present coastline, more or less, which could easily have been interpreted by ancient peoples as the submergence of an entire continent.

The same building styles and town layouts occur on the mud flats inland of the catastrophe, and settlements just outside that circle show the same building styles and layouts of the lost cities of Atlantis. Underwater exploration will soon yield artifacts and other supporting evidence that this is, at last, the true Atlantis about which Plato spoke.

Some of those artifacts that come out of the Atlantis excavations in the near future will be devices such as the one I’m introducing to modern, you should pardon the expression, “civilization”.

This is the Classic Atlantean Triad made with modern EMO beads & pure copper.

The Equilateral Triangle and the Triad were the central theme of the Atlantean culture, and the style of building was unique to the culture, although you will see echoes of it in the more archaic Greek architecture and sculpture, in the Phoenician styles and more directly in the art and architecture of the Minoan civilization.

The Atlanteans had machines. Lots of machines, lots of what is considered now “modern” technology, including safety razors, pressure-cookers, perfumes, complex dinner menus, fast food shops, timepieces, water and wind mills, steam engines, maps, compasses and astrolabes, complex hand-operated computers that rival any Swiss watch for intricacy and engineering, indoor plumbing, hot water heaters, ice cream and ice makers, leather shoes, dentistry almost as sophisticated as today’s, refrigerators, wireless telegraphy, electroplating and sets of building and measuring tools as good as any you’ll find in your modern hardware store.

Living in a more leisurely world, there’s no pressure to make more things faster. That had to wait until the industrial revolution of the mid-to-late 19th century, the Victorian Era.

Electric street lights in the ancient world? Who needs those, when you can get all the free hydrogen gas you want? Motor cars? Why would you want to pollute a planet just to get around faster? Newspapers? Who could read? Most of our modern conveniences are a result of our current interests and tastes, not technology itself.

Technology is not progress, Tesla would have been quick to point out. Sure, the new no-gas cars don’t impact the planet the way oil and gasoline cars do, they pollute the planet even more, with a totally new set of problems.

Never mind the state of technology today, the condition of the human heart and the state of the art of politics, the interplay of state religions and the control of populations by the few totally insane people who are crazy and scared enough to want that kind of power.

Like I said, don’t get me started.

In the midst of all the cacophony and hooraw, all the wacky doodle things that people do to amuse themselves and for a few moments manage to evade the oppressive weight of World-Pain “Angst”, I have here in my hands some powerful and highly curative elements of the lost science of Atlantis.

To be totally frank and brutally honest, it wasn’t lost. I had it all the time, and now, thanks to the discovery of Atlantis, you can have it, too. I’m not the only one who knows about this, by the way. There are hundreds of Atlantean Survivors besides myself who remember the Old Science, the Old Gods and the Old Ways, which makes me feel so darn old my joints creak at the very thought of oldness.

“Gimme that Old-Time Religion”, the song says, “it’s good enough for me.” What the song goes on to say is more or less:

“It was good enough for Jonah, it was good enough for Jonah, it was good enough for Jonah, and it’s good enough for me.” The song then lists about a dozen Biblical personages as examples of for whom the old time religion was good, but the modern Christians who sing this ancient song typically leave out the most important ones:

It was good enough for Cthulu…and Shuggoth, and hey, how about Nebuchadnezzar and Scheherazade and Sauron and Hercules and Gurok and Gog and Magog??? I have a modest list of ancient gods, goddesses, rulers, heroes and forgotten sages of the ancient past, and I’m writing my own version of that “old” hymn, which couldn’t be more than a couple hundred years old, if it’s a day.

If you know me at all, you know I have no patience for bullshit, and most of what you’ll ever see or hear about Atlantis will be just that, a big pile of bullshit upon which is heaped tons of pseudo-scientific horseshit, chickenshit and elephantshit.

The few things about Atlanteans that count at all amount to very little in the way of art and architecture, in the sense that you won’t see anything there that you haven’t already seen in other similar cultures of the same period, but the spiritual technologies were very deeply developed, especially in the area of long-distance communication and future predictions.

Predictions were very important and still are. We today make computer models which incorporate every fact and all the data we know about something, from which we can predict some possible outcomes, one of which may or may not be right.

Even with the certain knowledge that a variety of futures spreads out from this moment into many directions, we think of the future as something we can see and understand. This is not at all true, and if you give up the wish to prognosticate your course of travel, you’ll do a whole lot better with the actual outcome.

The Atlantean Machine was developed by Mages who later influenced the Magi of Babylon and Ur, and the machine was designed slightly differently, each type of which was to be used for a very specific purpose, not the least of which were healing and restoration, both important factors in the ancient world.

Another vital factor in ancient times was the rapid and unchecked spreading of disease, and the spoilage of food. Other important societal elements were the fertility of the women, the virility of the menfolk, productivity of the land, appearance of clean water, a decent salt deposit nearby, trading neighbors or a nearby silk road, defense of the homeland against all other tribes, and of course, the longevity and divinity of the local ruler, so naturally their spiritual technology reflected those ancient life-goals.

Today’s life-goals are radically different. We today wish to bring about universal peace and harmony between all peoples and life forms of Planet Earth, the establishment of free power to all, enough food to go around for everyone, clean air, clean water, clean food, clean home, clean workplace, clean and honest marketplace, and a sense of fair play for everyone, right?

That means, of course, that no one attacks an unarmed person. This goes against the very grain of human nature, at least the shit-kicking variety, which seems to dominate the landscape at the moment. Telepathic beings don’t and can’t hurt one another or anything that thinks or feels, because it hurts them to hurt someone or something else.

Humans are notably not telepathic, not empathic, not sympathetic, not at all interested in anything outside their own skin, and barely that. It’s about CONSERVATION OF ENERGY, in the worst sense — people do no more than they have to — it’s misidentified as laziness, but it’s simple natural law — the least amount of energy required to achieve the effect.

Energy is stored up, then spent.

In the case of the Atlantean Machine, this law is ignored. How it works is, you telepathically impulse a command to the local Higgs Field, which wipes out a level of Path Obstruction. I know, it sounds like babble, doesn’t it? Let me try to explain as best I can without a common ground in physics:

The Atlantean Machine concentrates energy into a focus. It can be used, as the ancient Greek texts tell us, for the destruction of an invading fleet or the leveling of a city under siege.

It was used to reduce the total mass of giant stone blocks that adorned all ancient parks and monuments, and to scry, to predict the future, especially the outcome of battles.

The Atlantean Machine was commonly used in ancient times to restore the power of the Being to heal itself in times of dire illness and weakness of will. Like the Athenians, the Atlantean Senators were forbidden from public drunkenness, and therefore carried with them a preventative device, a Triad fitted out with Amethysts — Amethyst translates out into ancient language as “A=Not” and “Methystos”, meaning “drunk”. Not drunk.

That’s sort of like finding out that the great operatic composer Guiseppe Verde means simply “Joe Green”, in Italian. I would have done anything to spare you that horrible disillusionment, but I had to make the point so you’d understand what follows.

The concept at that time of the cause of disease was in general grumpy nature spirits, contact with sick people, bad food, bad water, bad weather and bad luck, and the Atlantean Machine reflected this conceptual idea of how diseases happen and how they spread.

Another use of the Atlantean Machine was to operate Portals through which Celestial Intelligences could communicate, send messages and even entire plans for things like generators and radios to those on Earth who were able to receive such telepathic communications from Galaxy Beings and All-Quarters Maintainers as well as the usual blend of interdimensional beings who use The Web, meaning the real web, not your local internet.

Atlantean Machines can be used to unlock Gateways, Portals and Wormholes, but NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT.

Yes, I know I was, by 21st century standards, shouting in text, but I wanted to make goddam sure you understood what I’m telling you here. Nothing happens by accident, and I bloody mean it. In order to get an Atlantean Machine to work, you have to practically beg it to do its job.

There’s a complex ritual built into the device through the combination of 3, 6 & 9, something which Tesla, Einstein, Newton, Copernicus, Nostradamus and others learned to tap into in Medieval and Modern times.

Each of these “geniuses” knocked on the door of Celestial Intelligences many times before it finally, grudgingly, opened, and they had to knock vigorously and repeatedly many times before the door opened again with new insights and revelations, speaking of which, John the Revelator comes automatically up.

All the Revealed Bible — some is merely historic account of families and tribes — is about revelations, and there are a bunch of them in there, as well as in the unaccepted scripture, the Apocryphal Testaments and such, of all religions and inquiries into spiritual matters, even Theosophy and Spiritualism, both products of the Victorian Mind-Set, but both basically founded on something genuine but long-lost in the stream of time and ruthless marketing, sheep-shearing. Once you know the game, you can avoid it like the plague.

So in ancient times, everyone had an Atlantean Machine, and you can find ancient copies of them as far away as ancient China, Medieval Japan and Celtic Ireland, which was founded by Atlanteans, although this is long-forgotten.

Just as folks do today, ancient peoples wanted some sort of guidance, an indication of which road to take, which way was best, which direction was least fraught with danger, which narrow alleyway was free of thieves and which street was filled with beggars, cheats and liars.

Guidance is what’s wanted there, and Guidance they got from their Atlantean Machines, which the Greeks and Romans called “Triads”. There is no record of what the Phoenicians called them, but it’s safe to bet that their word was very similar to “Triad”. The ancient lawgivers and politicians were no further along than they are now, which means that in ancient inscriptions you’ll find references to the ancient city of “Heliopolis”, which translates to “Sun City”, and in fact the ancient city was also a retirement community.

Just about everyone carried OR WORE some version of the Atlantean Triad, and it was considered an essential household item, kept near at hand by the family shrine and yes, every household, even the most impoverished, had a family shrine. Sometimes it was just a place in a corner of the tiny mud hut, sometimes a place on the hearth or oven.

Not everyone baked in Atlantis. I ran a bakery and felafel takout on the corner of Harada & Voyn and just down the street there was a very well-attended outdoor cafe that resembled something you’d see in 19th century Paris. One thing you can do now that you could NOT do then is sell art.

What did we do for art? We painted the walls with murals, that’s what we did. The artist came in for a week or two to cover the walls with some sort of pasty white goo, then he’d paint a bunch of frescos to your specifications, eat more than two families’ worth of food at your table, grab at your daughter or daughters, and present you with a bill that even a lawyer or a doctor couldn’t afford to pay.

Spiritualism isn’t the first time anybody ever wanted to ask a dead relative where in the hell the Last Will & Testament was hidden, and ancient aliens weren’t needed to give them a way to do it. Communicating with dead spirits has been going on ever since people died.

There are cave paintings which accurately portray shamans communicating with the dead, and even the great Houdini tried to speak from the Between-Lives State, and in the end, was able to transmit only part of the Code Message agreed upon by Bess and himself.

Lots of factual highly supported cases of returns from the dead, hauntings and possessions and poltergeist activity abound everywhere. As Woody Allen so eloquently puts it, “There’s plenty of evidence for the Afterlife. The only question that remains now is, how far is it from Midtown?” A joke only a New Yorker could really fathom.

I can tell you how far the Afterlife is from Midtown. Not far. Not nearly far enough.

Military Intelligence. I know, it’s an oxymoron, but in another sense, it means information that might be of use before, during or after combat. You don’t want to walk into a trap, so you send out spies. You don’t want to be caught by surprise, such as waking up to see an enemy fleet parked in your harbor with cannons aiming right for your bedroom window, and you certainly don’t want to find out on the guillotine that your chief advisor has appointed himself head of the new government.

Naturally, you’ll also want to peer into the past, to discover or rediscover important ideas, technology and of course secrets. Atlantean Triads were used in ancient times to find out secrets, to pry into the corners of the universe, but mostly to find out what the enemy was saying.

For years, I wondered what football players talk about when they get into a huddle. I was unsurprised to find out, not too long ago, what it is that they do talk about when they’re in a huddle. They talk about me.

That’s another thing the Atlantean Machine was used for, was to delve into me. The unexamined life is not worth living is not something Socrates came up with, or Diogenes embraced and made a lifestyle. The Triad is GREAT for internal viewing and getting glimpses of personal insight.

Love is of course another fascination and interest. Nobody likes to be lonely, and everyone has to have a partner — that’s what it says in whatever social or religious persuasion you live under — and by God, the Atlantean Machine is good for that, too.

Finding Lost Things has always been an important immediate goal, especially if you’re late for the opera or work or the airport, and as you’d expect, the Atlantean Machine was used for that as well.

Protection is one of the most important aspects of the function of this ancient device, and a Circle of Peace was said to surround the carrier or wearer of an Atlantean Triad. Many people wore them to court to assist them with charisma and charm, both of which are common effects from an activated Triad.

There are thousands of Atlantean Machines out there, largely unrecognized. The smaller ones, made of silver, gold or bronze, adorned with luminescent pearls or deep darkly colored gemstones, are often mistaken for earrings, although a simple examination of them would indicate that they are far too heavy to be worn as earrings.

As drops with an ear wire, they might have been worn, but you’ll never see an image of an ancient wearing an Atlantean Machine Triad. The shape was popular, but the size and mass of an operating Triad would make it impractical for ear wear, although it was often worn as an amulet or carried on a string over a sash or belt, but most often, it could be found in a person’s pouch, where all valuables were stashed when on the open road or in a public street, where there were no police to protect you against violence.

Speaking of insanity, that was another issue — mental and emotional health were vital, and health certainly included a good frame of mind and a sense of emotional balance, both of which are easily achieved with an Atlantean Triad that has been activated — again, rest assured that a Triad cannot be activated by accident.

Activation of an Atlantean Triad requires a specific and precise ritual, and if a step is missed, left out or incorrectly performed, the Triad will not open.

A Triad is a Portal Machine, pure and simple, and that’s all it is, nothing more than clicking heels three times or wriggling your nose to make a magic sign, or saying “Abracadabra” and waving a magic wand covered with mystical inscriptions. All of the ritual was “set” in the Causal Plane a long, long time ago by human standards, earlier today, by mine.

How did they do all these things and more with the Atlantean Machine?

Not “they”, “we”. You were there. When you have a Triad in your hands and you deliberately turn it on, activate it and use it, YOU WILL REMEMBER HOW. Part of the function of the Atlantean Machine is to re-awaken the spirit and rekindle the Whole Memory which goes all the way back past Creation, past many Creations.

That’s the gimmick. The Atlantean Machine was placed there as a key to the Waking State, and the bait is all those other goodies that accrue to the astute user of same, but the ultimate goal is to plant devices that invite the user to become deeply involved in the quest which inevitably leads to the Waking State, by whichever road one took to get there.

Ancients used different types of Triads to accomplish different purposes. One of the most important purposes to which they could put any kind of spiritual boost was the horror of personal addiction, of which there was more than plenty.

The Triad most used and accepted for the purpose of gaining a powerful “Borrowed Will” from a Celestial Intelligence on a Higher Plane was the Diana Triad, which I make today with the substitution of a genuine Steven Sax EMO Bead in place of the standard Mediterranean Pearl of antiquity, although you can have a pearl, even an ancient Mediterranean pearl, if you prefer.

I have many ancient Atlantean Triads, Roman, Phoenician, Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Mayan Triads, as well. Some day these will all reside in an Atlantean Museum which will be found many years from now by a race of high-tech insectoids, and much later, rediscovered by a race of opposable-thumb lizard descendants, both of which are well-documented and featured in one of my recent graduate studies on famous lost civilizations of Planet Earth.

None of the accomplishments of humans needs to be explained by Close Encounters of Any Kind, but influence aplenty there is, from the stars and beyond, through contact of offworlders with humans through dreams and inspiration.

Anyone can be turned into a receiver for Celestial Intelligences, but few are willing to serve as Messengers, and the few who do are rewarded in the manner experienced by Tesla, Copernicus and Bruno, which is to say, torture by the Inquisition, a feature of human life that cannot be fully expunged, regardless of the culture imposed upon it.

Don’t worry about that shadowy unspecified cluster of Ancient Alien Theorists about which you’ve heard so much — it’s just one theorist, Van Daniken, speaking through a small number of fringe science folks — just because it doesn’t take aliens or genetic alteration to cause modern humanity doesn’t mean aliens aren’t involved … they are, and with a vengeance.

Aliens communicate by telepathy. Not all aliens, do, but any civilization that lasts more than a million years gets pretty damn telepathic after a while, or it busts up and blows itself away long before universal peace and harmony can be achieved, which is what most of us offworlders are betting will happen this time.

No reason to expect otherwise, except that at least four recent asteroidal impacts have been deliberately avoided due to the meddling of the Orions and the Pleiadeans, not to mention the Arcturians, just three dominant groups amongst the thousands of off-world visitors who flock to Earth each tourist season, and who walk unnoticed among the human throngs.

Nobody notices. That’s one of the few advantages of living among soft robots. The brain is a muscle. Contrary to human belief, the brain is incapable of thought. It’s just a simple radio receiver that detects signal and processes commands into the human nervous system and the nervous systems of all animals everywhere. How else?

If you have a better idea, why not post it on the Angelic Message Board where You-Know-Who can see it.

One vital usage of the Fully Activated Triad is to open Inter-Dimensional Gateways, which allows the shaman to step through the Gateway into another dimension, using bubble technology, which paints a path of easement through the Higgs Field in the Krell manner, through mental power alone, just as anyone would pilot a so-called flying saucer, which is a type of UFO common to civilizations not yet in the Federation.

War is not allowed in the Federation. Hate is unthinkable. Anger is not an option. Humans know little else. Any wonder that humans are not accepted in the Federation?

It doesn’t matter. It their present state and condition, humanity in general cannot do anything as a whole, as a unity, and until that happens, it will continue to try to destroy itself while nature rushes to fulfill that destiny before they can do it to themselves, in order to preserve the planet for succeeding species that are on the planning board for next year’s rides.

Yes, rides. You have long suspected that Earth might be, in the end, just another Tourist Trap, and I’m here to verify that view. Don’t be trapped in this low-end dump, ride the Triad Trail to Liberation & Service Under Divine Will & Guidance — the end result is very specific, and doesn’t answer well to personal greed and fears, so those are best dispensed with at your earliest convenience, if you’re still saddled thusly.

Pro Set of Atlantean Triads with pure solid 24k gold discs for healing & restoration.

I make authentic Atlantean Machines just as I did thousands of your years ago, and the price would astonish you with its reasonableness, keeping in mind that these are all hand-crafted in California, with modern materials, in the manner of the ancient makers of Atlantis & the Aegean Cultures. Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • POCKET OR PURSE ATLANTEAN TRIAD — $49.95 a pair, general use.
  • CLASSIC STYLE ATLANTEAN TRIAD — $89.95 pair, general usage.
  • EXPLORER STYLE ATLANTEAN TRIAD — $139 a pair, with 3 solid 24k gold discs.
  • BLACK TOURMALINE ATLANTEAN TRIAD — $450 a pair, for protection.

What’s that??? You say you need something stronger? No problem. If you’ve got the guts to explore the unknown, I have just the product for you:

  • TRANS-DIMENSIONAL PORTAL TRIAD — $950 a pair, comes with Easy to Follow Portal Location Maps and instructions on using specific portals and gateways.
  • CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCER TRIAD — $950 pair gives access to Celestial Intelligences, instructions included, should be used with BLACK TOURMALINE TRIADS.
  • WORMHOLE TRIAD — $950 pair, gives access to All Vortex Points Everywhere.
  • AKASHIC RECORDS TRIAD — $950 a pair, gives access to all information.

And for those who are just not satisfied with “almost great”, I have these Atlantean Machine Triads actually made with ancient parts from ancient Triads, pieces I’ve collected and assembled over the past several hundred years, all for the purpose of making these available to those who need them. Attention All Jellyfish:

  • MYSTIC TRIAD — $3500

Each of these Triads is made with the utmost care to follow the traditional methods of manufacture and design.